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Aha! Doctors Are Real People Too!

January 25, 2012

The other day a fellow nurse and I sipped coffees while stuffing our faces with homemade bagels and pastries at a unique bike-friendly cafe that allows you to bring your dog in while you hang, sit for hours using free wifi, and shower. Yes, I did say shower. There is a bathroom with a fair-sized shower and a sign that reads, “feel free to shower, make a donation” above a tin can. This place is extremely bizarre, but really special. The warehouse style decor, paired with the extremely nice staff and good tunes always makes for weird, funny conversations. Interestingly we began talking about work at the hospital, comparing funny and sad stories about our experiences. Quickly, the conversation turned to our experiences working with doctors.

I recall her asking me, “Do you know Dr. so and so? Well he is said hi to me in the hall the other day.” I replied, “Wow, Dr. so and so said hi, to you?” Reading that sentence aloud as I type it sounds so incredibly silly. Dr. so and so is one of the residents at our hospital who is very nice to the nurses and works collaboratively with everyone. Despite his positive demeanor and inspiring work ethic, myself and other nurses find ourselves surprised when he says hello to us outside of a work conversation, for instance while passing by in the hallway. Going back to what I said in my previous entry, a hierarchy is often present between doctors and nurses. Because of this hierarchy, it makes simple events, such as a doctor asking how your day is going, seem monumental and shocking. Of course, this could all be attributed to the new graduate RN syndrome, where it feels like everyone is so much more experienced than we are and seemingly have better things to do than chit chat with us.

Anyway, back in the cafe, my fellow nurse friend also said to me, “Another Dr. so and so friended me on facebook! How weird is that?” As my jaw dropped I couldn’t help but wonder why that doctor would do such a thing. It was then that I caught myself…I realized I was guilty of contributing to the unnecessary hierarchy between doctors and nurses. If I didn’t like the hierarchy between nurses and doctors and wanted to do something about it,  I realized that I needed to send my own thoughts to the curb. I would never feel shocked if a respiratory therapist, case manager, social worker, fellow nurse or virtually any other coworker friended myself or another nurse on facebook, or said hello in the hallway, so why is it such a big deal if a doctor wants to become friends with a nurse? Doctors are real people too. Most of the time they are not big, scary, intimidating beings, and it’s unfair of nurses to treat them as such. Conversely, it’s also important for those doctors to treat the nurses with respect as well and not as subordinates, but I’m finding that more often than not in my new job doctors and nurses do work collaboratively with respect towards each other.

Just the other day I saw Dr. so and so running down main street and another Dr. so and so strolling the bike path with their significant other in street clothes, not in scrubs. It really is true, doctors are real people too!

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  1. Joy permalink
    February 4, 2012 4:06 pm

    Great post Lili, my motto, or I should say my husband’s motto: Level the playing field, just say Hi “Bob” instead of Dr. So and So….you’ll be surprised how different you will be treated and how you feel! Keep writing Lili, I love to read your blog! Joy

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